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You know that.

You actually want to go to your customers and also recognize that it is necessary to expand your customer portfolio. You have to go to your customers !! However, it is very difficult for you to separate yourself from your company, your customers and your people. You are also at your strongest there!

Your situation is unique. That is why I deliver custom work. Both in approach and in declaration.

You can hire me through I will introduce myself:

My name is Johan van den Heuvel and I have been commercially active in the automotive and tire industry since 1999. After I have gained experience with dealers, importers, etc. in the car and tires & wheels industry, I am now active with my own company Tire Service van de Heuvel &

During conversations with customers, I realized that people find it difficult or that they don’t have time to sell their business. Given my experience, the link was / was quickly made and we were able to achieve some great successes.

Do you want to know what I can do for you? Then a cup of coffee and a good conversation work best!


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Gildeweg 6
3771 NB Barneveld ("de Harselaar")



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